Hospitality Fitout Brisbane – Enthuzi, Post Office Square

Enthuzi 1 Post Office Square  Enthuzi-Post Office Square

Enthuzi was a 55m2 Take away fitout, G & K Projects PTY Ltd priced this contract, we were up against 5 other shopfitters in Brisbane, we sent our tender into the client 2 days after receiving all of the relevant information, They then waited another 3 weeks for the other prices to trickle in, after analysing all of the tenders Enthuzi contacted us to discuss our tender further, after these discussions and as we were the most competitive tenderer we managed to secure the deal after, G & K Projects PTY Ltd also agreed to allow 2 of his preferred contractors to work alongside us during the fitout as he had seen their work previously and really wanted to work with them on the project.
We set down and agreed a program of 4 weeks for this Shopfitting works and began the fitout process giving the client a lead time to arrange his subcontractors and materials that he was supplying fee issue to us for the project.

The Shopfitting process progressed well, Derek Chaplin on of the project managers managed to coordinate all trades efficiently to achieve a very successful outcome on this fitout, Vlad Kolak from Enthuzi is extremely happy with the finishes and quality of workmanship in his shop at Post Office Square.

Together G & K Projects PTY Ltd, Enthuzi compiled a defects list, much to the client delight the items identified were completed within 2 days of receiving this list.

The overall contract sum came in at around $ 85 000.00 plus GST, no extras and or variations were recorded on our side of this Hospitality / Shopfitting project
Our Clients at Enthuzi, Vlad Kolak is totally satisfied and absolutely stocked with the fitout at Post Office Square.

Derek and I look forward in visiting the shop this once all the training has been completed to enjoy a coffee and sandwich with him and the staff following their grand opening which will be happening very soon.

Blog written by Graham Perrior, owner of G & K Projects PTY Ltd


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